Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Let's Play (February 27th- March 1st)

This last purging was mostly conducted in the basement and under cover of night (purged toys and crafts) I wasn't counting or creating any photo evidence. I didn't consider these as personal possessions of others because they were in the general toy muddle or have been abandoned for extended periods of time, left to become someone else's problem. Types of things that went were broken dolls and action figures, stained or mismatched aged doll clothes, shredded outfits from the costume box, odd mini totes and pouches, old paint (house paint, tempera paint) cheap brushes, lesser loved, outgrown, or damaged clothing, board books, stuffed animals, baby toys, games, craft items. Serving trays, a rusty mini dolly,  a tall stack of ceramic plate and saucers, old cleaning supplies, old nail polish and make up. I have a few pictures below, but they are just representative. There are no pictures of the toy thinning.

That's 30 days. Or 60, since I did two The Game challenges concurrently and I'm a little tired of it in terms of keeping track. I think It helped me sort of wrap up the heavy purge I dove into last year. I'm ready to enter into "maintenance mode" with occasional focused purges that are more aimed at achieving a particular transformation of a part of a room or a part of a storage space. I've presently been mending my old wedding quilt and trying to figure out how to repair all of the shredded center that the kids damaged. I decided It didn't feel right eliminating it, even if I do mostly end up using it as a "fill" and retopping it.

My next major project will be organizing our decade+ of family photos with the aim being to have them 1. Backed up digitally in 2 places 2. displayed and/ or within reach and 3. actively working in such an organized way that new photos (and video) will be easily backed up and queued for prints plus 4. stretch goal for family sharing and accessing extended family archives too

I have also resolved to list the kiln for free this month.

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