Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh the Places We'll Go

The cool air that breezes in this time of year and brings the Killing Frost in the night has finished off my garden, and it seems apropos that this change is season mark the beginning of other things as I put the beds to sleep for the coming winter.

I'm on a journey. One that doesn't travel far from home, and often not even far afield of my own mind, but one that I believe has a global impact and a lasting power. I've set out to change my attitude, and with it my lifestyle, in service to God and to my Family and to the Generations yet to come.

On this journey I am trying to find the beautiful balance that I know is waiting to be struck in living in creation gently and boldly all at once. Practically this amounts to learning many skills and arts and to sharing them with my children, but on a more intimate level, adopting the lasting mindset that drives me to make better choices for my time, energies, and monies. My goal is to be closer to God, closer to one another and at peace with myself. As I make a conscious effort to devote myself to the things of God, and to shed the things that distract from Godly purpose, I find myself more certain I'm walking the balancing beam. It's a wobbly start, and I'm falling off quite a bit, but I know with practice, and a lot of Grace, my walk will be more sure and my progress more rapid.

God guide me in your Word and by your Spirit.

For the purpose of this Blog, I will journal the kinds of things that relate to my lifestyle efforts, devotions, and family. While the personal is always political, I intend to refrain from any ranting or politically charged talk. Suffice it to say that I believe that the Kingdom of God is not of this earth, and while I certainly have an opinion about how the nations should manage themselves, the most important thing to me is how I will answer to God about how I invested the resources he gave me in the time I had despite whatever conditions were at the time. I want to be a good steward and a worthy witness.

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