Thursday, October 28, 2010

Saving Glass

I disinfected, washed, dried, packed and stored a whole lot of canning jars today. It was very satisfying. I've been acquiring them 'thrifting'. Thifting is sort of an all encompassing word. Amanda Blake Soule, whose blog and books I adore, uses it to mean shopping at secondhand stores, tag sales, junking (a sort of curbside sifting act), hand-me-downs, church benefit sales, freecycling, craigs list and so on. In other words... resourceful adoption of trash to treasure principle.

After washing my new old jars and looking them over, I figured in my head that the dozens of freebie jars I'd salvaged probably saved me on the order of 30 dollars in new ones. As I learn to preserve more things, I'll continue to need more of these, especially as I figure for the number of jars that become gifts filled with scrumptious yummies for friends. I hope they will eventually find their way back for refills. It would be sad if the 60 cent jars are going to the recycle bin, or worse yet, the landfill.

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