Thursday, September 18, 2014

CSA 2014 Weeks 13 and 14

Here's some food and pretties from friends and family. This was a day God made me smile. I had worked all day to cook for another family in need and my kids were begging for the bread and corn I was making, but I told them no, their dinner was pizza, these were for another family. Then Melanie Colon dropped off a big loaf of bread while I was out delivering it, and the next morning, Aunt Betsy gave us corn Great-Grandpa grew in his own garden.  We gave away bread and corn and recieved bread and corn. Coincidence...? The orange bits are paper lanterns, also from Betsy, which I intend to string up prettily someplace.

CSA Week 13. Officially half way through the season at that point. Some of those Squash are from my garden. Some from the CSA. I don't remember which are which. And some are missing because they got used before the picture. The apples were half gone at the time of this picture as well.

Tons of "lemon" cukes, some carrots, chives, two melons, peaches and lettuce. And tomatoes, but a lot less than I started with (the bowl was over-full!) and you can see why.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, peppers piled high, herbs, and more purslane.


And now for Week 14:

The continued attack of the killer tomatoes. cukes, green onions, kale, radishes, apples, pears,  red leaf lettuce, and some peppers. This all came from the store pick up part of the share that day. The bag of tomatoes were seconds with bad spots that I sauced the same night.

This was the stuff from the field. 6 corn, a bag of eggplant, a bag of little toms, A tonnage of peppers (I've been slicing and freezing them for stir fry and pizza toppings, and making stuffed peppers filled with rice and beans and frozen), and hot peppers. Oh, and more toms. I picked them green on purpose, because I realized I couldn't keep up with processing them all on the weekend and I wanted to let them ripen on the counter and make salsa mid week too.

Thyme, lavender, parsley, kale, chard, kale...
Week 15 was last week and tomorrow is week 16 pick up. The days are getting cool and dark early. By the time I get out to the U-pick the sun is often setting. I feel the season coming into fall. More corn, the last of the beans, the last of the tomatoes picked green, more herbs, pears, boat loads of apples, winter squash and pumpkins are ahead.

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