Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CSA 2014 Weeks 11 and 12

Back at the farm! More CSA delights...

Let's start with the herbs for the 11th week. The big mass up there is purslane. I turned it into more purslane soup, and I took pictures while I worked, in case i ever have enough free time to make a blog post about it. It's not rally a CSA offering, per se... It's an edible weed they happen to have an abundance of between the actual cultivated plants. Starting on the left is parsley, a small bunch of rosemary, broadleaf sage, lavender (w/ characteristic purple flowers), chives, and oregano.

Next up: the greens. Chard, curly leaf kale, and what I call dino kale. I mostly dry this stuff, crunch it up and hide it in almost everything we cook. The chard stems I chop up and freeze to add to stirfry. The kale stems I feed to chickens. Both types of kale are surprisingly yummy covered in olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt, and pepper. but what isn't, right?

Lettuce is back. Carrots, hot peppers, parsley, cukes, 3 pts nectarines, bok choy, leeks tomatoes, and center to it all, the earliest first apples of the season! Organic no less (those are some serious overachievers). Also, gone. They were delicious. As were the nectarines. Leeks became soup with the afore pictured purslane, tomatoes and hot peppers became salsa (along with some other stuff). Bok choy got stir fried, and some frozen for future stir fry (mixed it up with stems from the shard).

What the heck?!? Who in their right mind would take that many jalepeno peppers?!? Me. They were free. And since I discovered that the flesh is not spicy, I was thinking of deseeding them (the seeds are the hot part!) and pickling them. We'll see. More and more and more and more tomatoes (mostly for salsa, some for salad and snacking). And some peppers that don't want to engulf your digestive tract in flames. Nice peppers.
There were more of those fresh baked roundish things. It didn't last long before the picture. I kind of threw them in the kitchen and the sharks, I mean short people, were distracted while I unloaded the car.

Something for me, and more fudge for Chris.

New basil plant for the garden!

That was week 11. NOW for week 12.

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. And more early apples, and the first CSA potatoes. There were actually more tomatoes than in the photos here, but I gave them away and took them to picnics.

Squashes, Sweet peppers of all colors and shapes, Two normal cukes, and two cukes masquerading as lemons. We're not convinced, guys.

Four quarts of peaches, 3 squash, peppers of the sweet persuasion. And... two 'lil melons! Cool beans (no beans though.)

Kale, parsley, lavender, oregano, thyme.

Kale, more kale, chives, more chives (from my friend Georgia who i ran into at the CSA! I gave her an eggplant.) thyme, sage.

Half of the flowers went to my mom and my mom in law. These are the half that stayed to brighten the clutter in my kitchen.

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