Sunday, November 23, 2014

Changing Gears

So there's more food that happened the last few weeks. And now it's over. The CSA is over for the summer of 2014. This is a big deal. I am struggling to put it into words. When I get past the shell shock of going from preserving food nonstop to finding a new place for my winter life, I will reminisce. I found it difficult to document the last two months of food because when I got home it was dark earlier, and I was unable to take good photos in my poor kitchen overhead lighting (it's okay for working, but not so much for photo taking) so I think I need some simple handheld light to serve as a photo flash or supplemental lighting. I will put it on my list of tools to acquire for the 2015 season.

Right now my home is sort of all mixed up, the kids have not had use of the extra project table since the harvest started pouring in around July, and with it getting too cold to play outside the preschoolers in my life NEED that play space. So I worked hard this weekend to move the canning jars and winter squash. Tomorrow the playdough and puzzles will be back. And a little bit of my sanity will be recovered. I will make myself a cup of tea and draw something in my journal while I listen to the kids reading to me. Life is good, not perfect, but good.

Tonight, I'm fighting entropy.

^Selfie with my clutter. ^    Fight the good fight.

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