Saturday, May 9, 2015

Stuck in the Middle

There's clutter to to the left of me and junk is on my right, here I am stuck in the middle again...
Here's some images half way through decluttering the school, games, and reading shelves in our outgrown dining area which has instead become a weird and somewhat confusing little no mans land of various activities.

This is less than a quarter of the stuff. I threw out a quarter and half of it is neatly in a temporary location while I plan to patch and paint the walls next week!

I feel like one of my primary job titles should be "Lead Stuff Shuffler".  I am the supreme overlord of The Things, deciding their fate. Who goes, who stays, and who gets recycled, donated, or stored for next year...

The last photo is the seat I'm working from and took the other photos from. One of the two shelves is in the afore mentioned temporary location with our better games and books on it still.
I don't really want it all to go back the way it was. Maybe I will reduce it down even more and have a couple hanging shelves installed instead.... I will talk to my Resident Handyman.

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