Monday, January 25, 2016

Let's Play (Jan 25th Recap)

Weekend plans got dampened by a mild tummy bug that caught half of the kids. Since I didn't have as much as I thought I would to do, I puttered around my bedroom a bunch and made a little pile of things to remove. Going through them to decide what to do now. Let's take an inventory before they go.

1 Cleaned out my coupons and business cards envelope (honestly need to get a business cards file...)
15 hair and jewelry things in a ziplock (various demises)
2 maps (recycled)
1 used up notebook (recycled)
3 craft books (2 not pictured. re-gifting or trading)
1 out of date computer program guide (recycled)
1 Steven King's "On Writing" Book  (Changed my mind. Love this book. I was going to regift it, but the person I had in mind already has it. I won't donate it. I will store it for now since I've already read it and have other things to read.)
5 Bag of watercolor pencils. (Not leaving the house, but I'm giving them to the kids to use up, thinning out my art supplies. I get 5 points because this was a hard call for me.  I decided they are lesser quality to my more expensive set and I'd rather by more of the better kind and let the lower quality ones go.)
1 half used yarn skien in Christmas colors (donate)
1 length of strap material (trash. Saved from a trashed carseat and thought I would cut short to use for totebag handles. Never did. Too thick for the sewing machine)
1 shirt (Trash. I loved this shirt and kept it despite several intense rounds of clothing purging. But I think it features my post baby shape too much. I love it, but it doesn't love me. It also had some worn through spots so I threw it out instead of donating)
4 pink highlighters (Donate. least used color highlighter. What do we have against pink?)
6 random odd toys (not all pictured. trash)
1 chopstick (trashed)
1 bandage scissors (donate)
1 earbuds (donate)
1 cell phone (defunct. Will recycle in proper receptacle at the mall)
1 laptop battery (not pictured. will recycle properly with the other one from the other day.)
3 wooden spools (not pictured. Donate)
1 pencil case with broken zipper (not pictured, trashed)

Today's total:

Double the goal of 25 for the 25th! Grand total so far: 350

To stay on track tomorrow I would only need to declutter 1 thing. I don't know if I can delete just one.

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