Sunday, January 24, 2016

Art of Life

Someday soon I want to have some really quality art reproductions and local artist original work on our walls to inspire us. But for the time being I'm content with the beauty I find around me.

Some spin art by Penny and Gwen.

An arrangement of squash waiting to be roasted for soup.

A gift from a friend who took time to come visit us and showered me with kindness and good conversation. The gift of her presence!

One of Penny's master color works.

Coffee. Yeah. Beautiful.

And since we can't seem to get the snow machine in the sky going this winter, we can appreciate Gwen's coffee filter snow flakes.

Artists at work. On my clean counter! Pays to declutter.

Sam's gingerbread pearler beads guy

Perfect snickerdoodles by Sam. He makes cookies almost entirely on his own now. My boy is getting so big!

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