Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's Play (Jan 26th & 27th)

Didn't take pictures since I sort of just tossed things in the trash or donate pile throughout the day, but here's the break down.

7 bathroom products (no comment)
7 old jewelry items (trashed)
1 lots of dead markers and broken or stubby pencils (trashed)
11 clothing items (mostly donated or hand me down)
1 old puzzle (recycled)
4 rulers (donated)
4 books (to trade)
2 cups (broken, trashed)
3 audio CDs (trashed)
15 audio CDs (donated to LEAH library)
1 CD storage case (donated)
1 small broken wooden box (trash)
1 bag of odd ball beads (trashed)

Today's total:

Total to date:

Still ahead of The Game.

I think I'll try a stretch goal of decluttering on the 31st of the month too.

I'm kinda afraid to say this, but I might play The Game again in February. It's a leap year. And so far I'm not reaching too deep. I mean it's mostly forced me to get rid of the stuff I've let slide but not necessarily the stuff I've purposed to keep around but should rethink, if I can make that distinction. Another pass will force me to go into the closets and the places I'm avoiding. Maybe I can even go for an even 1,000 things...

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