Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's Play (Jan 28th- 31st)

I finished strong, although I still didn't head into the attic or the basement or the challenging bins of school material or toys. I'm pretty sure I could do another push for this and see even more amazing change.

I think I will play again for February. I'll play by the same modified rules that allow me to work ahead or catch up as needed. Because I will have to get to some more hard to reach areas of storage, and that's hard to do while kid caring and home educating, I expect to only be able to play seriously once or twice a week.

I have been excited to talk with friends who have been reading along and reportedly are encouraged by my own progress. I still have a ways to go.

Did I make my stretch goal for the 31st? No. I did not. (well maybe, you be the judge at the end). I had a busy weekend and I opted for more sleep whenever possible, so.

Here's the tally:

6 stuffed animals (trash)
5 bathroom products (Whatever.)
2 belts (donate)
2 scarves (donate)
2 white curtains (donate)
1 wooden box (donate)
1 broken usb cable (trash)
5 dry erase boards (trash)
4 shirts (donate/ hand-me-down)
9 books (Give/ trade)
17 things from my sewing box (consolidated and sorted, threw out junky stuff, donated lots of floss)
2 CDs (LEAH Library Donation)
1 small hammer (donate)
1 wooden tray (donate)
4 sewing patterns (donate)
2 old music notebooks (one recycled, one donated)

64 more things

407+64= 471
Goal was 465 with a stretch goal of 496

Some books I'm saving for a friend!

A few of the empty boxes created by eliminating things in January. This is like the picture where the pants are too big for the dieter! There were several more but they were either broken down to recycle, or taken to the basement.

Why might I be considered to have hit the mark for the stretch goal too? Chris got inspired to clean up the entertainment center; he reorganized and reduced the media collection and straightened it all up. I have no idea how much he actually got rid of but why can't that count 25? I'm gonna call it good and move on to a new month.

Welcome to February, folks.

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