Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let's Play (January 20th Recap)

On my first day of The Minimalist Game I was beginning on the 19th and was attempting to play catch up to the necessary total. The grand total for 30 days is 465 by my reckoning. So By the 19th I had figured I needed 190 fewer things in my house. At 127 I came short, so on my second day I needed to make up the rest, plus the 20 items for the 20th. I needed at least 83 more things. Lets see how I did.

3 pair of leggings (donated)
9 more bathroom products (SERIOUSLY?)
1 hairstick (meh. trash)
1 baby teether (trash)
6 bags of glass marbles (Donated)
3 funny crabs (trash)
2 mini jewelry boxes (trash)
1 pair of holey gloves (trash)
21 kitchen drawer things (donate)
2 salt and paper shakers (donate)
11 kitchen cabinet things (various demises)
29 baby spoons and forks (donate)
1 doll hat (donate)
2 users manuals (recycle)
1 crumpled map (recycle)
1 lego instruction booklet (recycle)
2 wooden shapes (trash)
1 card came with missing cards (recycle)
1 lithium computer battery (Will take to a receptacle for this purpose at the mall)
2 things to return to a young friend

One hundred things on the dot. I didn't even plan that. Honest to Besty (you can swear by Betsy).
So that brought the running total up to 227. 17 over the goal for the day towards the tally for the 21st. And that's how easy it was to catch up to everyone who slow-poked it around all month. We ain't one at a timin' it here.

This crew met the garbage truck this morning from the Purge on the 19th. Cowabunga Raph.

Libby asked me to get rid of these weeks ago (her job is putting away the silverware) I thought there were only a handful in there and told her I wasn't getting rid of them so we'd have some for little guests. Twenty-nine little guests could have eaten here at the same time with all of these in the photo. I still kept six in the drawer.

Extra utensils and prep tools I don't need. Some never came out of the store wrappings since my wedding. Chris and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary in June. The Rolling pin was also a nice wedding gift, but I rarely use it and I have a smaller one and a new one from Williamsburg. Someone who doesn't bake a lot has no business owning 3 rolling pins.

It's just stuff. I liked the garlic roaster a lot, but I can do the same thing in foil or a little glass dish. The sugar bowl Was an heirloom hand me down, but I don't keep it on the counter. Now it's free to become someone else's heirloom. Yes, those are 3-D glasses that came out of my spice cabinet. No, no one my age and health needs that much Metamucil. It expired years ago- unopened right up until I poured out the contents in the compost and recycled the container. (I think I bought it when I was pregnant and worried about keeping regular...). The kid vitamins probably shouldn't count because we used them up like normal and it just happened to be gone while I was doing this declutter. Cheating on that one.

Lost my marbles! I was collecting these for flower arrangements that I never got around to using them in. Seems like a lot of work to clean every time. Ain't nobody got time for that.

More junk.

I'm gonna miss these guys. Gwen used to ask me repeatedly for a hermit crab. I got her these. You could turn them on and they would walk. I would have donated them or re-gifted them but several of the legs had been broken and reglued and they needed new teenie batteries. So I took a picture so they could last longer. I think Gwen still wants a hermit crab that poops real poop.

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