Friday, January 22, 2016

Let's Play (Recap Of January 21st)

Since it only took me 2 days to catch up to the 20th of the month, and I went 17 items over the target, I was pretty leisurely about it on Thursday, the 21st I really only needed to declutter 4 things to make 21 for the day. Of course I had more to axe than that.

8 books and booklets (donated or recycled or going to be traded in)
1 bent pan (Bent badly when dropped by the young dish washer. I was glad. It was flaking the coating anyway. Trashed)
3 magazines (recycle)
1 game box (It was from an expansion set so we just put it in the main box and got rid of the extra box)
1 lot of broken pencils and dead markers (trash)
1 set of picnic tablecloth clamps (donate)
1 broken flashlight (trash)
1 baby booger bulb (trash)
1 toy bird (donate)
1 stuffed cow (trash)
1 ancient thumb drive (Checking for any important files and donating)
1 old adapter (goes to a jump starter)
1 defunct emergency jump start tool (trash? It has a battery in it so there's probably a more responsible way to let go of this. I'll ask at the auto parts store.)
1 pair fancy chopsticks (trash- they're coming apart.)

23. Easy cheesy. I'm still ahead of the game.

Current total: 250
On track minimum goal for the 22nd:  3. Just 3 things to stay on track. Spoiler alert- I'm already way ahead of this.

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