Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Let's Play (Feb 14th-20th)

Here's a few more days worth of photo evidence of that which will be no more in my home.

14: 1 extra pencil sharpener

14: 2 things Libby doesn't want

14: and the other 11 things that can find new homes

15: 10 things. I decided to count the additional 5 from the extra stuff on the 12th and call this day done.

16: 16 baby toy things (I'm keeping the cat)

17: 8 toys

17: and 9 more toys and craft goods

18: Event Table clothes I couldn't resell- donating

19: Thread things

20: 10 things from our electronics stuff (well, 2 are bread mixer paddles with the coating worn off)

20: and 10 more things from the kitchen

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