Saturday, February 13, 2016

Let's Play (Feb 8th-13th)

Although I wanted to work ahead for the weekends, I only made it up to the 13th. But it's cool. There's more to come! Or should I say go?

8: books
9: 8 things...

9: and one more

10: books to donate

11: 6 things in a tatting kit...
11: and 5 booklets

12: more than 12 things from my embroidery stash plus yarns and a Chinese checkers board

13: randoms from the kitchen and a badge I made in metals class

I'm getting rid of old undergrad made things (Some in January, one here and there like the badge this month) And I like the universal pot lids, but I had four, so I'm letting go of my two lesser favorites. Also letting go of fry baskets (I never fry) and a steamer pot extender because I have other steaming options I use more. Also, the last of my antique chopstick set. I had a nice time with Chris in Rensselaer that day. It was an oddly quiet afternoon and we just poked around the shops. The chopsticks were coming apart (wooden tops loose from the decorative enameled bodies) even when I'd bought them. But I'm not sorry I had them. Sometimes using something becomes a part of you. But like Marie Kondo says- thank them and let them go.Some of the books are going to our homeschool library and some to the free table. I might start a box to put aside for the Summer Curriculum Fair.

The tatting tools came from a big basket I had carefully put together and then put aside and forgotten. I have to come to the conclusion that it used to mean something to me, and it was important that I tried those things out, but now those things aren't going to get me where I'm headed and it's okay to pass them along too.

Let's keep doing this! Almost at the halfway mark!

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