Friday, February 5, 2016

Let's Play! (Feb 1st-7th)

January was a productive month! I found an abundance of space while playing The Game. I'm taking this challenge double now and eliminating clutter through out the month of February too!

The first days have been pretty leisurely. Here's a photo for each day.

1: Trading it.

2: Goodbye.

3: donating

4: donating/ regifting

5: donations/ trash

6: donations/ trash

7: donations/ trash

So I worked ahead a little, anticipating weekend busyness, but it wasn't too difficult. Mostly I was glad that I sorted through the baby books this week. I think I may pack up a few more of them with some of the baby toys (I still like to keep a few out for guests), so I can combine them with the other shelf of bed time reading. There will probably be a lot of books in this month's challenge.

If you're taking this challenge (or some version of it) with me, take before and after photos, or snap your own pictures of what's leaving. The photos might help you part with them, and the documentation might help you look back and see how tough you got, cutting out the dead wieght!

I've heard it on vague authority (They said it) that "nothing breeds success like success". I'm believing it right now because celebrating the little victories motivates me to do a little more every day. Even if you skip or are slow to start, don't let yourself off the hook and don't talk yourself out of it or get guilt tripped into giving up before you start. Jump in! The first week is easy to build our confidence. Next week, we pick up the pace a little.

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