Friday, January 22, 2016

Let's Play (Jan 22nd Recap)

Here yesterday, gone today.

According to the rules of The Game, the needed total target by today was 253. I want to take off  Saturday and Sunday because of family life and other plans, so I wanted to work ahead and get to 300 which would be the total by Sunday night.  Here's what I dug up.

7 MORE bathroom products 
1 ball scrap yarn (trash)
1 container of glitter (this should count a bazillion. trashed)
1 old coloring book (recycled)
1 viewer toy (donated)
12 super balls (trashed)
1 suncatcher (donated)
1 bell (trashed)
1 music box innard (trashed)
1 tiny plastic alien (trashed)
1 glass globe paper weight (donated)
1 decorative jar (donated)
1 spring form pan (donated)
1 tall mixing cup, chipped (trashed)
1 bunch of random plastic containers and lids (recycled)
3 used rolls of sparkle tulle (donated)
3 used rolls of florist tape (trashed)
2 purse rings (donated)
2 junk spindles (trash)
7 wooden wheels (donated)
1 mini embroidery hoop (donated)
2 mini craft kits (donated)
1 tin can (recycled)
1 oversized clothes pin (donated)
1 embroidery floss (donated)
1 box of pins (Saved for a friend)

Which gets me all the way to 306, folks.

I'm starting to wonder if I could have completed the challenge just by cleaning out the bathrooms and kitchen....

I haven't even touched the general toy bins or gone into any of our longer term storage area yet.

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